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Water and Wastewater Professionals Group on Linkedin

September 28, 2009

Decided to add to the numerous ways that I can contribute towards bringing the ranks that make up this multidisciplinary industry towards the forefront.  The majority of persons employed in this industry accidentally fall into this service area.  Take me for example, was on my way to vet school and decided to (in order to pay my school bills) work part time in a wastewater lab.  Once I graduated from Cal Poly with my BS degree in Veterinary Science I took about a year off to refresh the mental batteries.  Came back from a one year trip into the heart of Mexico and decided to drop by the old wastewater lab and visit.  Said hi to everyone and was on my way out the door when the lab manager waved me back.  He asked me if I needed to work part time.  Did not take long to ponder on the question since I was basically destitute, i.e., did not have a whole lotta moola.  I said yes.  Well, it’s been 20+ years and I am still working in the same place.  Anyway, seems like I’ve tangentally moved away from the point of the initial posting.  The Linkedin Group is an attempt to bring people with the same ideals, work ethics, and training together in a like-minded manner.  If you are a Linkedin member come check us out.  If you are not a Linkedin member think about becoming one.  This is not Facebook.  It is a gathering of professional minded individuals.


Made it into 2nd round of Dell’s Small Business Excellence Award

May 13, 2009

My business application was reviewed and selected as one of the top 15 percent of the applications received by International Council for Small Business ( and are in the running for Dell’s Small Business Excellence Award.  Either way, it is an honor to be recognized in such as way.  Maybe volunteering does pay off!

6 Degrees of Separation–Or Maybe less

May 6, 2009

I hardly watch TV except for American Idol.  There are many aspects of Idol that draw me to take the time to stop what I am doing: whether it be working on a presentation, trying to accomplish certain feats with the new version of Adobe Premiere CS, or just plain tired of looking at the LCD screen.  Nevertheless, as I was glancing back and forth between LCD and boob tube I happened to catch a glimpse of an IPhone commercial between Idol singing acts.  Lo and behold, the IPhone commercial happened to exhibit a university textbook which I was personally involved with.   Long story short, I was contacted by a university professor (Dr. Slonczewski) that wanted to use some of my microphotographs in her textbook.  It turns out, that the textbook featured in the IPhone commercial is the actual university book in which my photos are included!  Hopefully, this is not my 5 minutes of fame.  Anyway, in many respects, the pronunciation of wastewater and wastewater microbiology/ecology in a top tiered college textbook should serve as a reminder that finally, after all these years, wastewater science is being recognized by the general microbiology audience.  It should serve well to bring in new blood into this field.  So if you see this commercial, you will be, in a peculiar way separated from the author of the book by maybe two to three degrees of separation.  Watch the video and notice the textbook.  Nice!

Yes, I did get a copy of the textbook.  Dr. Slonczewski was gracious enough to provide me with a free copy.  It really is an excellent piece of literature.  Much better micro book than the ones I used to have back when I was going to college.  As I leafed through the textbook I noticed quite a contrast in the way information was presented.  To be frank, there is whole lot more new material in this book than what I remember.  Quite a lot has changed in 20 years!


December 11, 2008

This is an attempt to bring forth various aspects of what I think is a field with wide ranging implications.  This field is wastewater treatment and its multidisciplinary approach to making a “problem” into a solution.  Not many people think about what happens after they push the lever and see their excreta swirling (if they stick around that long) around and finally go down the plumbing system. Ok, you are not one of them, but there are those that do look back to see their creations.

Enough of potty jokes.  Wastewater treatment is serious business even though no one wants it in their backyard.  The fact of the matter is, seriously, water is a precious commodity.  If you think about it, the water that you drink was pissed and pooped into by dinosaurs.  This blog will be, just like wastewater treatment, multidisciplinary.  Various sciences are involved in wastewater treatment, engineering, microbiology, ecology, biology, physics, and believe it or not ethics!  Enjoy the trip.


Anno Novo!

4 January 09

It is a new year and hoping that current expectations are met.  Have several workshops that not only will I be attending I will also be a presenter.  Trying to hone out some skills, make my presentations a bit better.  These are most definitely not New Year’s resolutions.  Never made them and not about to start.

First things first though, I do have to complete some PowerPoint presenations, put them in order, and have the presentations printed as a workshop manual.  I will have to have it done before the end of this week for the Microscopy Workshop at Eastern Municipal Water District at Perris, CA 5-6 Feb 08.  Have a few slots open so either make a comment, send me an e-mail, or phone me!


28 February 2009

I find myself at this point in time trying to determine how to best approach several projects and not just ruminate/contemplate/cogitate on how to, when to, and why.  Why, should not even be pondered since these are projects have been deemed to be essential to several promises.  I am trying to update several PowerPoint presentation for the upcoming Aquatic Microscopy Workshop to be held in Port Angeles, WA March 2009 and CWEA’s (California Water Environment Association) annual conference to be held in Palm Springs during last week in April 2009.  One of the reasons why I’ve put it off is because of parental obligations.  Yes, I’ve had to assist in the annual ritual associated with the “Science Project” at the elementary and middle school level.  One of the two projects was directed at making paper from various plant materials: agave, palm fronds, papyrus, leaves, and grass.  Yes, trying to emulate what our ancestors did but in an efficient and ecological manner.  The other science project was trying to determine where in the home was the most likely place to get a dose of bugs.  Various locations, and specifically, instruments or items likely to be touched by the human hand, were tested to determine where the highest concentration of bacteria would be likely found.  Telephone, computer keyboard, toilet handle, faucet handle, door knob…  Well, I am proud to say that one of the Science Projects got first place and the project and child will be going to District finals.

Yes, the projects can take a bit of your time trying to direct the child to not only understand the concept of the test but trying to integrate the information in a format they can understand.  In much the same manner and approach, the PowerPoint presentations directed at the two upcoming obligations must be formated in a way that you do not isolate a part of your audience.  The attendees differ in degrees of education: From just a high school education to a master’s degree.  Try not to make it too simple that you loose a part of your students but not too complicated that you loose another part of your attendees.  Yes, it is a juggling act.  Nevertheless, at times it can be humbling and it can take you to task.  You must exercise that gray matter within the cranium!